Special Event on Bijoya-Dashami, Tuesday 8th Oct.'19

Puja venue: Rue Eloy 80, 1070 Anderlecht, Brussels (Near Brussels Midi)

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Sarbajanin Puja Samity

“Once again, it is the time of the year which brings out our festive spirit - it is the quintessential Durga Puja. For the 14th time we are going to host the Puja celebrations in Brussels.”

On this auspicious occasion we are delighted to invite you to come together with your family and friends and celebrate with us.

The tradition of the Brussels Durga Puja continues to be the fabric of our lives simply because of the heartwarming support and voluntary cooperation that we receive from so many of you year after year. We are and you should be proud of it too.

We look forward to your presence. As usual, there will be bhog prasad and sweets everyday from Sashti till Dashami.

Puja Schedules

  • Mahalaya: Wednesday 2nd Oct. 2019
  • Panchmi: Thursday 3rd Oct. 2019
  • Sashti: Friday 4th Oct. 2019
  • Saptami: Saturday 5th Oct. 2019
  • Durgashtami: Sunday 6th Oct. 2019
  • Navami: Monday 7th Oct. 2019
  • Bijoya Dashami - Dussehra: Tuesday 8th Oct. 2019


Durga Puja Video