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Executive Committee

Members of Executive Committee

The primary function of SPSB committees is to develop Puja Programs and cultural activities to achieve the goals and objectives of Sabarjanin Puja Samity Belgium and to provide Hindu festival in the heart of European Union capital Brussels. The term of this board is established for the year 2018. The following committee member will be reporting for unanimous Executive decisions:

Chairman of the Presidium:

Ranjit Basu

Member of the Presidium:

Niranjon Chandra Roy

Ranjit Basu, Shibu Ghosh

Subash Mondal, Moloy Chanda

Chandan Saha

Secretary General:

Dipak Dey


Gopal Paul

Organisation Secretary:

Manas Chakraborty

Media & Publication:

Nitin Basu, Surojith Gosh

Cultural Secretary:

Mona Das

Sankar Shah

Members at Large:

Sombhu Ghosh, Sudipt Chakraborty

Khokon Shil, Dipu Ghosh